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A new approach to healing and personal development.....
Managing your mental, emotional, physical & spiritual wellbeing
using both conventional & holistic methods.

Supporting others globally with their continued wellbeing.
Providing support, clarity and understanding, for healthier therapists.
What can I help you with?

My approach is based on my life coaching and mindfulness diploma level qualifications, extensive experience working within this supportive role through the NHS and my own personal belief system that has been developed 
through my own life changing circumstances that each of us is unique 
and has the ability to achieve our dreams.

Combined with my ongoing training qualifications and essential experience, my results with many clients over the years make me an experienced, 
dedicated and successful healing, spiritual and personal development coach.

"I have learnt through both my training and life experience 
that happiness comes from within, 
we cannot do very much about the outside aspects of life, 
but we can become more happy and balanced 
by working on our true selves and developing skills 
that make the human experience easier to navigate.

Driven by my life purpose of giving back and supporting the journey that others are on, I began this site to promote and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
It contains lots of psychological and holistic tips and tools to support you 
in living your own life to its fullest potential.

By learning to see ourselves as a whole 
made up of many puzzle pieces, quirks, strengths and weaknesses, 
and the world around us with crystal clear vision too, 
we can take control of our own wellbeing and achieve our happiness goals.
This is why the Inner light Healing Therapy Programme 
and Crystal Clear Vision Coaching Programme were developed."

- Jo Nicholls

"Jo combines a rock solid understanding of the way the human mind works in times of emotional crisis, with a sustainable ability to inspire and support you while you make the leap from good to great.

In a market overrun by life coaches, Jo stands out as the real deal.

When you work with Jo you can expect the honesty of your closest friend, the strategy commitment of a coach and cheerleader, and the perspective of someone who has been exactly where you are now.

With her unique ability to approach both cause and symptom, her ability to align your mindset with your goals to realise your dreams, and her tenacious determination to bring out the best in people, I can highly recommend you talk to Jo about becoming one of her clients!"


Disclaimer -   

  • No advice given, or posts should ever replace seeking advice from a trained, qualified professional such as a doctor, lawyer, counsellor, or other expert. 
  • I make no promises about whether or not a healing session will be successful.  
  • Pictures and items on this page are written or taken by myself but when additional shared information is sourced from the internet then credit is given when known.  
  • All other photos, pictures and articles that appear on this page are copyright and or my personal property. You are free to share but please give credit appropriately as I do.

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