Since I retired due to my health, I have had the opportunity to use my knowledge, experience, and intuition to help, support, and mentor others.

Due to my limited energy and focus I offer this gift to just one person at a time and have a waiting list, if you would like to be added please contact me with your requirements, why you have approached myself, and the reason that you cannot get this help elsewhere.

I also have a referral list should this be of interest to you with other trusted contacts listed.

Inner Light Therapy is a rare opportunity to turn an ordinary life into an extraordinary one.

It is the journey to becoming who you really are.

Value: £40

Inner Light 'Identity' Therapy came about from my desire to help people in the same way that I have helped myself.

It's includes a number of therapeutic approaches, both conventional and holistic,

and applies them integratively, with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of the self. It explores a person's strengths and weaknesses, their purpose and self-limiting beliefs. It promotes a clients ability to be their authentic self, and it is this that feeds my curiosity and inspires my own ongoing training choices. 

It helps guide the client into a healthier way of thinking, or seeing themselves, a way that will benefit their lives in a positive way. Instead of simply using the power of positive thought, they retrain the mind into an entirely different thought pattern,

creating more appropriate behaviours, and therefore enabling the client to become less stressed and to see themselves and their lives as more fulfilled and happy.

The Inner Light Emotional Healing Therapy Programme:

The programme is simple yet effective, it works in 5 steps providing a complete 

mind, body and spirit healing experience

for lasting results and not just temporary symptom relief.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is used to explore the symptoms present

or issues affecting the client and their goals and plans.

It is here that the most useful holistic modalities suggestions

for your individual case will be decided.

Step 2: Energy Level

The energy healing stage is used to explore your bodies chakras, aura, meridians

and energetic pathways.

Anything interrupting this flow is removed and balance is restored.

Step 3: Physics Level

The physics healing stage is used to identify your physical condition, it explores your physical symptoms, your bodies toxicity level, your hormone levels, your muscle positions, allergies and any neurological or hereditary issues.

Step 4: Emotion Level

The emotional healing stage is used to increase your self-confidence and

asses your current level of stress and self-care.

It looks at childhood trauma, emotional abuse, belief systems, negative thought patterns, unhealthy relationships and the ability to release and heal deep emotional pain that may be holding you back or affecting your health.

Step 5: Spiritual Level

The spiritual healing stage is used to restore connection to your higher self.

It works with past life issues, your akashic records (life lessons), negative energies and awakening abilities.

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Crystal Clear Vision Personal & Spiritual Coaching: Value £40

Various methods of exploring Personal Development are explored in these links:

Various methods of exploring Spiritual Development are explored in these links:

Spiritual Awakening is an ongoing process of becoming a Whole Person it is the signs and symptoms experienced of Ascension. 
This is both an internal and external sense of transformation that takes place, making the experience one that effects and is effected by the individual as well as all of those around them through a change in character and personal expression. 

It is what Maslow calls ‘Self-Actualization,’ Carl Jung calls ‘Individuation,’ and other psychologists call 
‘a Fully Functioning Human Being’ or ‘a Complete Self.’

Personal or Spiritual Development Coaching Consultations: 

The first session will last for about 30 minutes.

This determines what it is that you would like to achieve from our sessions 

and gives you an insight into the process and what is involved.

Further sessions are an hour in duration.

These sessions can be conducted face to face, over the telephone, via email online or through Skype.

Usually 6 monthly sessions are required to form new healthier and lasting habits 

but this is flexible based on individual client need.

Contact can be made more frequently if required, to keep you on track and focussed on your goals.

You can contact me as often as you wish 

and I will help you with any issue that you may have encountered along your journey so far.

Coaching does not come in a cookie-cutter format and each session is generally tailored to the individual. There is flexibility within this type of therapy that allows for a variety of formats, including:

  • Face-to-face - This is when you make an appointment with a therapist to see them in person, usually at their practice. Face-to-face sessions are one of the more popular therapy formats because they provide an opportunity for you to react to any emotions that arise there and then. 

  • Individual or group - You may choose to see a therapist by yourself, or if you prefer you could join a therapy group with people experiencing similar issues. Going to a group session can be helpful if you want to discuss your issues with people who are going through similar problems and you may even gain yourself a support network. Alternatively, you may wish to see a therapist alone to preserve your privacy and concentrate on your own feelings.  

  • Telephone support - For some, telephone support offers a helpful alternative to face-to-face therapy. This involves talking to your therapist over the phone instead of in person. This form of therapy can be particularly useful for those too busy to attend face-to-face sessions, and can be carried out in the comfort of your own home. This format also tends to be more flexible and can potentially reduce waiting list times.

  • Online support - Some people prefer not to physically speak to a therapist at all, utilizing technology and emailing them instead. This form of therapy allows you to take the time to think through what you wish to discuss, and many find the act of physically writing their issues down cathartic. Online support also offers you the chance to protect your anonymity.

What can it help with?

Coaching can be useful for anyone who wants to explore the way they're thinking/feeling further, or know themselves better, as well as anyone experiencing a problem or issue they are keen to resolve by speaking to a professional with an objective viewpoint.

These sessions can help with things like:

- Relieving Daily stress

- Overcoming Anxiety

- Managing Depression

- Emotional Trauma

- Mindfull Awareness

- Improving Self Esteem

- Negative Body Image

- Maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude

- Relaxation Guidance

- Personal Growth Support

- Setting and Achieving life goals

- Understanding your Spiritual Path

- Letting Go of Residue Emotions

- Improving People Skills

More specific subjects that can be addressed within this therapy also include the following:


Wherever there is a physical addiction to a substance or activity - there is likely to be a psychological addiction too. Inner Light Therapy aims to relieve the psychological addiction by exploring the root cause while helping to develop new ways of thinking.


Losing a loved one is a difficult event in anyone's life. The loss can bring up a wide range of emotions including guilt and anger. Some people benefit from speaking openly to a therapist about their feelings to help ease the process and resolve any remaining issues they may have.


Being the victim of any form of abuse, whether it's verbal or physical can lead to issues that may affect you all of your life. This includes bullying within friendships, the workplace or the home. Inner Light Therapy can offer victims the chance to seek help from authorities (if appropriate) as well as addressing the psychological repercussions in a safe environment.

Illness or Disability

Suffering from a long-term illness or disability such as cancer, dementia, or M.E. can turn anyone's world upside down. Inner Light Therapy can help sufferers come to terms with their illness while offering emotional support and coping mechanisms.

Life Skills

Feelings of stress, anxiety and low self-esteem are becoming all too common in today's society. Inner Light Therapy can offer practical advice for overcoming these kinds of issues as well as allowing you the space to vent your frustrations and feelings.

Mental health issues

Suffering from a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression can feel incredibly isolating. Inner Light Therapy looks to discuss the feelings that arise in conjunction with these kinds of mental health issues as well as overcome any personal challenges or frustrations. 


Covering all types of relationships, this therapy can be used to discuss issues within families, friendships and couples. Problems could involve anything from a poor relationship with a parent through to an abusive relationship.


Whether you've been involved in an accident or you have been the victim of abuse, the psychological impact of trauma can last years after the event itself. In a session trauma victims are encouraged to explore their feelings regarding the incident and look into how these could be resolved or changed.

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