A: Yellow lemon

Yellow is a bright, happy, joyful colour, it's message is that of remembering sunnier days. 

Offering optimism, hope and help in reclaiming your personal power, yellow is a symbol of courage and confidence. Meditate with the colour yellow to align your Solar Plexus Chakra and step into your light.

B: Orange satsuma

Orange represent abundance and is a warm and energetic colour. 

Affection, warmth and sensuality are associated with this colour as it represents the Sacral Chakra.

Meditating with the colour orange invites good relationships, harmony and abundance into your life.

C: Green lime

Green is the colour of nature, it brings a message of health, fertility, renewal, luck and money.

The colour representing the Heart Chakra bring the message that healing is on its way for you and those closest to you.

Meditate with the colour green and feel your roots reaching from your feet into the ground, using mother natures energy to revitalise you.

D: Pink grapefruit

Pink is the colour of tenderness and love, it represents your softer side.

The message of springtime and nurturing your inner child are given, it represents your Heart Chakra and its intention is to increase the love you have for yourself.

Meditate with the colour pink while taking time for yourself, wrap a pink blanket of love around you and relax.

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