Which are you most drawn too?

A: The rune known as O in the runic alphabet. Othila, ancestral, inherited prophecy and genetics.

This runes message to you is to remember that you have the strength of all your ancestors behind you, and the magic of all your ancestors within you.

B: The rune known as Y in the runic alphabet. Eizwaz, death, tree of life, dreaming, magic.

This runes message to you is that a period of your life is ending, but that everything is exactly as it should be, as the old dies and is burnt away the new has room to grow.

C: The rune known as B in the runic alphabet. Berkana, birth, mother earth.

This runes message to you is that you are entering a new phase in your life, new beginnings are just around the corner, from small seeds great oak trees grow, and so shall you, have patience and enjoy the journey.

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