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Sacral Chakra:

Planet affected: Venus

Significant day: Friday

Planetary affect: Attractiveness, sex organs, partnership, marriage

Angelic influence: Archangel Ariel

Archangel Ariel brings a bright orange energy to the second chakra, promoting creativity and greater comfort with intimacy. An open Swadhishtan chakra implies more emotional intimacy is on the horizon.

A blocked second chakra can translate into lack of creativity, restriction, issues of sexual intimacy or self-defeating behavior. Call upon Archangel Ariel to release old fears and limitations. Constantly affirm that you are loved, protected and open to receive divine care and blessings. To open this chakra, meditate and visualize a beautiful orange light spinning your second chakra. Also, affirm “I deserve respectful, intimate, healthy relationships.” Hatha yoga or surya namaskar is very beneficial for opening the Swadhishtan chakra.

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