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Solar Plexus Chakra:

Planet affected: Mars

Significant day: Tuesday

Planetary affect: Blood, muscles, bone marrow, stamina, strength

Angelic influence: Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel gives forth a bright golden light at the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the center of life-force energy. The issues here involve emotions of desire and personal energy. 

An open third chakra indicates an increased enthusiasm. The more open this chakra is the more the drive to move forward in life and accomplish one’s dreams. If the third chakra is blocked, then it may reflect an indecisive, fragmented mind-set.

The best way to retrieve your magnetism is to meditate on golden light and see it filling and spinning the solar plexus chakra. Dance, physical exercise and yoga are ways to unblock the Manipura chakra.

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