"After being in a distructive relationship for just over a year and that relationship breaking up I felt very lost and used. I knew what I needed to do to help myself but I just didn’t know how to go about doing it. This is when I met Jo. She was so approachable and made me feel at ease. She was very good and getting me to open up about my issues and always gave me practical advice. She never gave me the answers but gave me the tools and determination to find the answers myself. She was always at the end of the telephone when I needed her

and during my darkest moment she helped me see that I wasn’t worthless and that I did make a difference."

- (Inner Light Therapy & Talking Therapy).

“What can I say but absolutely amazing! participated in the Distance Reiki Healing and awoke feeling lighter and more positive! Ive gained much knowledge in how to accept myself and retrain my brain patterns to more positive ways!” - Distance Healing.

“Jo you are one very kind and beautiful lady, thank you for all of your help and guidance x” - Mentoring.

"I have known Jo for over 15 years. I have seen Jo go through her own personal struggles, This had added to her life experience. Jo has been on a fantastic spiritual journey finding her own self and helping others along the way. I was recently stuck with making a very important decision in my life and Jo as a friend helped me using her councilling knowledge to see what is important and what I needed to do. Thank you Jo. You're fantastic xx "

- Counselling.

"I find Jo to be very inspiring, approachable and kind. Drawing from a variety of disciplines she has a holistic approach to physical, mental and spiritual health. Having been through many struggles of her own she can emphasise with those going through difficulties. Her "glass half full" attitude is inspiring whilst not denying the problems being faced." - Peer Support.

“Thank you, so very happy, received my amethyst bracelet and crystal. They are so beautiful. I am overjoyed with your fast service. Looking forward to future dealings with you.” - Crystal Consultation.

“I have undertaken a number of course with The Crystal Sanctuary. The content of the courses is comprehensive and very thorough. Jo was available via email and Facebook to help with any issues and answer questions. I can't wait to enrol on my next course with The Crystal Sanctuary.” - Online Courses.

"Wow The Crystal Sanctuary, this seems to tie in with nearly every other thing I have been told so far - new beginnings etc I'm just anticipating it all!!! Bring it on! Thank you" - Crystal Rune Reading.

"Jo is an amazing lady always has time to help you when you need it , her courses are packed with information , her crystals are A+ she has a wide knowledge off all things holistic . amazing lady with amazing energies and a wonderful friend x" - Courses, Mentoring & Crystal Consultation.

"Jo at The Crystal Sanctuary is an amazing teacher, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. One of the most spiritual people i've had the pleasure of meeting." 

- Online Distance Learning Courses.

"Hi Jo, I just wanted to say how fascinating it was this morning, connecting with you (even though you needed sleep!)
and equally fascinating were the cards chosen by me & the message they gave me! I was most amazed, yet not really surprised, that it was The Whale that resonated the most with me! What a beautiful little session it was, and so look forward to chatting with you again soon!" 

- Animal Spirit Guide Reading.

"Jo Nicholls runs the Crystal sanctuary. You all need to get to know Jo wether you want to do courses with her or you want a friend on facebook that will make you think with her unique and loving ways. Do have a look on her site "the Crystal Sanctuary" If she cannot make you believe in yourself and make you really think then something is really wrong" - Peer support.

"U r a little bit cheeky... but happy tears they were indeed! 
I am happy, happy as can be, 
For the kindness shown to me

Truly caught me by surprise, 
So l did get teary eyed
Tears of joy l did spill, 
As it was such a thrill,
To read the lovely words u had written,
My heart leapt for joy & l was smitten
Even sleep could not errase, 
The beaming smile on my face
So here l stand feeling all shiny & new,
Simply from the fact you are you
And the beautiful friendship has indeed,
Ignited my curiousity seed
No idea where my Crystal journey will end,
But l am certain l have made a lifelong friend!
Thank u, truly humbled by everything u do xox  xox "

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