What are the Ascension Flames?

There are 7 accessible rays of incarnation and 5 hidden rays. Each Ray of incarnation has its own Flame of Ascension. 

The Violet Flame is the most well-known. Each Ray and their Flames have certain attributes or Powers and each flame has a vibration for us to utilize in our ascension process. 

We can only access the flames to our own level of ascension. We are our own limitation. 

The Masters in turn can access the flames to their level of ascension. Their mission is to help humanity ascend and so they have chosen to manifest the Flames into energy attunement healing sessions, making them available to all on earth.

Each of us ascends at our own pace with different experiences of the process.

I have been instructed to offer a series of 7 energy attunements in a particular order, supporting clients through the wisdom that comes with them creating a better understood, smoother transition through all 7 vibrational frequencies.

These sessions include an emotion clearing healing session, attunement to the relevant flame and spiritual development support through the personal journey that the flame brings.

Once all 7 stages of attunement have been completed our personal ascension journeys will have received a boost, transforming our vibrational frequency to a level that facilitates the growth of our authentic selves.

With the final of these 7 energy adjustments being the yellow or golden flame, humanity is being prepared energetically for the return of the golden age and its promise of unlimited hope, peace and prosperity.

The 7 Ascension Flames:

The Ascension Flames are to be used in the order they are listed here - as each Flame is the foundation stone for the next.

1. Violet Flame - for transmutation of negative energy                              

Violet Flame was bought from its' source, into this dimension through the portal of the Ascended Masters by the Ascended Masters St Germain and Ra-Mun, the Angels and Devas of the Violet Flame. 

The Violet Flame transmutes the cause, effect, record and memory of negative vibration. As this energy passes through and leaves the chakra system the persons' vibration rises and there by their consciousness, thus assisting in their ascension. 

This pure Violet Flame will transmute all that anchors and binds you to the cycle of rebirth. 

2. Blue Flame - to build personal power, inner strength and self faith 

After using Violet Flame energy for awhile you will intuitively know when to start using the Blue Flame - the next Ascension Flame on the ladder of Ascension. You can continue to use the Violet Flame while using the Blue flame if you choose.

The Blue Flame is manifested from its source in creation and brought to you by three Divine Beings of the 1st Ray - the Elohim Hercules, who gave Archangel Michael his Sword of Blue Flame, Archangel Michael - probably the best known of the Archangels and The Manu - an ancient Hindu Ascended Master who wrote many of the ancient Sanskrit texts. They were assisted in bringing the Blue Flame into form by the Angels and Devas of the Blue Flame.

The Blue Flame has three qualities - personified and assisted by the Ascended Masters. Archangel Michael personifies self Faith, Hercules has inner Strength on all levels, and the Manu, personal Power. These three qualities gifted by the Blue Flame then allow the user to wield their own sword of Blue Flame – to fight their own battles, to stand firm in their own self-faith and inner strength, bringing them to a place of personal power. Just as the Violet Flame transmuted and cleared negative energy, the Blue Flame is beginning the building process towards the perfected ascending being.

This flames energy is much stronger than the Violet Flame.  Users are finding they have the ability to speak and stand strong in areas in which they were previously hesitant. They become more self aware of their faults and flaws. The flame keeps them in a balanced state, to acccept their faults as part of their personality, while also laying the foundation for self love (a future flame). It also helps to initiate change if and when possible, part of the process of becoming more of the Being. 

3. Green Flame - to bring to the person Truth, as revealed by the All Seeing Eye of Self

The 3rd Flame in the Ascension Flames series is the Green Flame. Use Green Flame with the Violet Flame.

Having used the Blue flame and increased your levels of Personal Power, Inner Strength and Self Faith you will intuitively know when to start on the Green Flame. For the Green Flame brings to the person Truth, as revealed by the All Seeing Eye of self. Therefore faith, strength and power are needed to cope with the Truth of Self. Knowing the Self is a much needed step on the path of ascension.
The Green Flame is brought to us from its Source by the Ascended Master Hilarion, The Elohim Cyclopea and the Japanese storm god, Susano’o, with the angels and devas of the Green flame. The Green flame is part of the 5th ray.

4. Pink Flame - brings Re-Union with all aspects of Self and Unconditional Love of Self 

The 4th Flame in the Ascension Flames series is the Pink Flame. Use with the Violet Flame.

Pure Pink Flame is brought to you by Archangel Chamuel and the Devas and Angels of the Pink Flame. Pink Flame is the flame of the 3rd ray. It has a two fold purpose. Re-union with all aspects of ours selves and Unconditional Love of  All and of Self. 
Re-union of all forms of Self is bringing all forms of Self, it is the returning of all aspects of the soul back to the One. It is the acknowledgement and acceptance of all we have been in past lives. It is the acceptance of our own yin and yang, our own light and dark. And knowing all, we love unconditionally all parts of our self as part of the One. And in seeing this in ourselves can then see it in everyone and Love All unconditionally.

The Pure Pink Flame is the foundation Flame for the 5th Flame - the Pure White Flame of Purity. 

Pink Flame is not available to anyone till they have used all 3 prior Ascension Flames.

5. White Flame - brings to the person Purity of Being 

The 5th Flame in the Ascension Flames series is the White Flame. Use with the Violet Flame.

Pure White Flame is brought to you by the Ascended Master Serapis Bey, Astraea, the goddess of Purity and the Cosmic Lord of the White Flame. It was made in the portal of the Ascended Masters.

The White Flame is the flame of the 4th Ray.

Having used the 4 prior Ascension flames and laying the foundations they provide, especially re-union with self and unconditional love of self, you are ready to begin the process of purification to come into a state of purity on all planes, dimension, and realities across all time and space.

The purpose of the White Flame is to purify and for Purity in all our bodies and across all dimensions - and in this purity harmony begins to emerge on all levels of the being you are.

Every cell of White Flame is a soft ultra white. 

White Flame is not available till they have used all 4 prior Ascension Flames.

6. Ruby Flame - brings Service with Compassion and Devotion

The Ruby Flame is the 6th Flame in the Ascension series. Use with the Violet Flame.

The Ruby Flame is brought to us by the Ascended Master Pallas Athena, the goddess Isis and the Cosmic goddess of the Ruby Flame, along with the angels and devas of the Ruby Flame.

The Ruby Flame is the flame of the 6th ray, and it is the Flame of the goddess. This Flame brings the user to a place of service with compassion and devotion - compassion for humanity and devotion to the Christ Light within each individual person. Part of the Service of the Ruby Flame is to hold space for humanity in their Ascension process.

When the Ascended and Cosmic Masters gathered to make the Ruby Flame they were aided by 3 angels, who sang the Ruby Flame down to this dimension from its source - as this happened multitudes of Beings gathered to bear witness to this event as it was the also the heralding of the return of the goddess flame.

Each cell of the Ruby Flame is ruby red and it contains a ring of purple and a ring of gold. The colors of the 6th ray are purple, gold and ruby. Ruby Flame is not available to anyone till they have used all 5 prior Ascension Flames.

7. Yellow Flame - brings Humility and Wisdom  

The Yellow Flame is the 7th Flame in the Ascension series. Use this flame with the Violet Flame.

The Yellow Flame is brought to us by the Amaterasu, Japanese goddess of the Sun, the Archangels Jophiel and Christine and the Cosmic Twins of the Yellow Flame, along with the angels and devas of the Yellow Flame.

The Yellow Flame is the flame of the 2nd ray and is the Flame of Wisdom and Humility. Each cell of the Yellow Flame is an orb of Light - they are so bright they loose their yellow colour and simply shine which is where the term golden that it is also known by comes from.

Yellow Flame is not available to anyone till they have used all 6 prior Ascension Flames.

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