Planet affected: Mercury

Significant day: Wednesday

Planetary affect: Nervous system, mouth, skin, tongue

Angelic influence: Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron brings a beautiful indigo energy to the third eye chakra. An open Ajna chakra relates to divine insights, clarity in thoughts, expanded vision and intuitive/psychic senses. As it also unfolds great power of manifestation, the opening of the Third Eye chakra is of great significance. Visualize what you want in life and make it happen!

A blocked Ajna chakra can make you feel disoriented and clouded in thoughts. It also reflects a mind full of anxiety, worry, doubt, and self- criticism.

To open the Third Eye chakra, meditate on the brow center and see a beautiful indigo light spinning there. Pranayam or deep breathing can also help in opening the Ajna chakra.

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