All of our Certified Courses are Accredited by The Holistic Therapy Council.

This service was founded by Jane Gilligan using her vast experience from her previous employment as an NVQ/QCF Holistic Health & Social Care College Assessor.

It was set up as an accreditation body to support trained holistic therapy tutors to gain an independent assessment of their course criteria, which could be used to prove value, 

competency an quality to potential students.

All of our courses are therefore Accredited and also Insurable by 

Westminster Indemnity amongst other providers.

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We were very lucky to have our course manuals assessed by The Holistic Therapy Council

before Mrs Gilligan retired, but she continues to be a valuable advisor.

With regards to the training we provide, her knowledge and experience helps us to achieve

the standards of training that you would expect from much bigger, but less individual focussed providers. 

We also gained benefit from her support and guidance when 

The Crystal Sanctuary became a recognised accreditation body.

We can now continue to inspire and support others by accrediting the 

courses that other holistic therapists teach.

Please contact me for more information on this:

Course Manual Accreditation 

Inner Light Practitioner - Crisis Coaching & Life Coaching Course
(Exclusive to The Crystal Sanctuary)
Value: £135

Course Content:

Becoming a successful practitioner.

Working as part of a team.

Burnout and stress.

Seeing clients with trauma.

Understanding anxiety and PTSD.

Working with postnatal depression.

A damaged inner child.

Surviving sexual abuse.

The grief process.

Supporting addiction.

Working with couples.

Using direction, goals and tools to support and coach your client.

This course has a basis in talking therapy and is designed to help you to know yourself better and be prepared for challenging clients, which encourages acceptance and a confident embrace of who you are as a person and practitioner, this is a great foundation for spiritual growth or for gaining additional life skills. It combines counselling psychology with NLP & mindfulness coaching techniques.

Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course (Beginner & Advanced Level combined) - Value £60

Course Content:

Crystal Care
Personal and Professional Use
Crystal Grids
Pendulum Use
Crystal Energy Use
Crystal Forms
Chakra Care
Colour Use in Crystals
Feng Shui with Crystals
Crystal Elixirs
& more.....

Aromatherapy Practitioner Course - Value £60

Course Content:
Safety Information
Personal and Professional Uses
Carrier Oils
Essential Oils
Making your own Blends
Suggested Oils 
Oil Properties
& more.....

Colour Therapy Practitioner Course - Value £60

Course Content:
Colour Therapy Principles
Personal and Professional Use
Colour Properties (16 listed)
Colour Use in Therapies
& more.....

Talking Therapy Practitioner Course (Exclusive to The Crystal Sanctuary) - Value £60

Course Content:
Listening Skills
The Therapeutic Relationship 
Personal Development
Non Verbal Communication
The Use of Questions
The Use of Silences
Irrational Thought 
Unhelpful Thinking Patterns
Defence Mechanisms
Ethical Principles
& more.....

Healing with Mother Nature Practitioner Course - Value £60

Course Content:
History and Traditional Uses
Personal and Professional Use
Self Care with Mother nature
Channelling Mother Natures Energy 
How to Use Plants Guide
& more.....
PLUS FREE 10 plant detailed property and information sheets.

Sensory Therapy Practitioner Course
(Advanced Combined Course - Exclusive to The Crystal Sanctuary) 
- Value £135

Course Content:
The Crystal Sanctuary Colour Therapy Course
The Crystal Sanctuary Aromatherapy Course
The Crystal Sanctuary Talking Therapy Course
Personal and Professional Use
Sound Therapy
Ethics in Therapy
Chakras and Auras
Guide Energy Use
& more.....

Reiki (Usui) - Value £60/60/90

Level 1 (personal)
Level 2 (practitioner)
Level 3 (master teacher)

Reikara - Ascended Masters and Unicorn Energy - Value £60/90

Level 1 (practitioner) 

Level 2 (teacher)

Animal Spirit Guide Foundation Course - Value £60

Course Content:
Animal Spirit Guides
Power Animals
Animal Totems
Guide Connection
Animal Messages
& more.....

New Moon Transformation 12 Step Programme: Value £60

Course content:

12 New Moon Self Development Sessions relevant to each Star Sign the moon resides in that month.

A full years energy transformation.

More Info Coming Soon - Please Watch This Space.....

Our training courses are often found up for auction in charities or for other great causes,
please ask for more information on where you can get yours.

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